Meet the Artist

Hi, I’m Sarah Kathrine, the human behind Sparkle Garbage, a stained glass artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have always been in love with stained glass windows but didn’t start making them myself until 2019. I was deeply inspired after a trip to Spain, looking at all the amazing cathedral windows and the windows in the Sagrada Familia. I am completely self taught and work out of a workshop in my backyard. I was born and raised in California but moved to New Orleans in 2017. My work is colorful and whimsical, often depicting elements of the natural world, callbacks to traditional fine art and occasional references to pop culture.  When I am not making glass art, I like to do various other forms of art such as sewing and costume making, beading/jewelry making, embroidery and sculpting. I am also an avid gardener and love growing tropical plants.